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South China Sea: 3 Ways to Win the Money War


Unleash American military spending in the Pacific.


China’s domination of the South China Sea is not yet a fait accompli, but the United States must implement a countercoercion strategy more urgently in order to maintain a favorable balance of power.

Since the beginning of this year, China has deployed surface-to-air and anti-ship missiles, as well as fighter aircraft, to Woody Island, a part of the Paracel Island chain in the South China Sea. These actions are stepping stones for China todispatch missile batteries and jets to the more geopolitically significant Spratly Island chain. Now, there is growing concern that Beijing may declare an air-defense identification zone in the South China Sea. Left unchallenged, the Chinese are on track to create “mini denial zones” and bring greater coercive force to bear against neighboring Southeast Asian states. If current trends continue, the South China Sea will be a “Chinese lake” before 2030.


thesurvivor o 8 minutes ago
>>Congress ultimately only authorized $50 million for FY 2016, rather than the entire five-year program, which makes it difficult to plan out multiyear projects. In its FY 2017 request, the Pentagon asked for $60 million>>
国会最终只通过了2016年 5000万美元的年度财政而不是 整个5年的计划,这使得这个为期多年的项目难以筹划。在2017年年度财政需求中,五角大楼申请 6000万美元。

Same old theme, getting others to prop up US hegemony of the world.
$60 mil is not going to buy anything. Philippines tax payers are going to end up footing the rest of the bill.
US propaganda machines churn out all kind of dirty ideas on how to contain China and when it come down to the dollars and cents they either don't talk about it or come up with some laughable figures.
美国的宣传机器煞费苦心的想出大量肮脏的方法去遏制中国,可是当归结为美元和美分的问题的时候,他们要么就不讨论,要么就设法想出 一些可笑的数据。

Frank Blangeard o 16 minutes ago
Another article telling us that we need to spend, spend, spend and then spend some more on the military. Otherwise we won't reach the goal of 'full spectrum dominance' over the entire world.
Guess what? That goal is futile. Can't happen. Won't happen. But it could ruin the country if there is no change in direction.

pro veritate o 3 hours ago
What the US needs to do is to help Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and even Taiwan, develop a credible A2/AD strategy against China, similar to what China has done against the US. All of these countries need modern ASMs. The US can develop one and supply to these countries or buy Japan's mobile type 88 or the newer type 12. Ideally, an ASMs with a range of 300 miles utilized on the coastal regions of Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia should essentially set up a killing field of Chinese naval assets in the SCS with relatively low cost. Vietnam has gone one step further with its 6 Kilo class submarines armed with Klubs. Taiwan needs to follow what Vietnam has done if it can find anyone willing to sell it some submarines. The Russians would be a good possibility since they seems not to care whom they sell their weapons to.

Vasya Pypkin o 3 hours ago
I think it 's time for USA to grew up. What if China dominates Southern China sea? It is next to China. How would USA react were China would Pivot to Caribbean to challenge US dominance there?
No need to challenge everybody everywhere. Mind own business.

International Ponderer  Vasya Pypkin o 3 hours ago
The Money Game has been lost. When we ignored keeping a balanced budget and thus destroyed the reserve currency status of the dollar we made sure we would lose future wars.
Trillions of dollars in TARP bailouts to Wall St and AIPAC members that control it and guess what NO ACCOUNTING OF how the Fed gave away that money, our corrupt bribed politicians made sure there would be no accounting.
Bet you bank accounts in Tel Aviv are stuffed.

Zephon  International Ponderer o an hour ago
The Fed is run by bankers for bankers... they have no real accountability to the American citizen nor do they really care about us. 
They care about their profits and nothing else. 

Zephon  Vasya Pypkin o an hour ago
To add... it was the US Military and State Dept that ensured that the South China Sea was reclaimed by China as territory taken by Japan in their wars of aggression on their neighbors at the end of WWII. Japan's surrender agreement and Peace Treaties with China that specifically name the South China Sea Spratly and Paracel Islands as Chinese!
We are just making troubles where there should be none at all. While ignoring our own problems at home.

Zsari Maxim o 2 hours ago
This money game sounds like money lossing game for the US.

Susumu_Araki o 3 hours ago
Kawasaki P-1 for Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia is very good idea. Japan can provide generous loans, since Japan's tax revenue is increasing. Money is not a problem.
P-1 can carry eight XASM-3 anti-ship missiles, very very lethal.

Andre o 39 minutes ago
Cue the wailing of the wumaos. China fails to gain any allies in the South China Sea dispute and has recently infuriated Indonesia, but this is all everyone else's fault. Maybe the Middle Kingdom should turn inward as it did before, after all cheap small arms and "free" railways and ports don't make for long-time friends: just ask Russia how that worked out...

Zephon o an hour ago
The article misses the point that we should be making.... That the South China Sea has been recognized as Chinese Territory for far longer than we have been a nation.
We should be supporting China in making this sea safe for shipping and not a territory governed by lawlessness that encourages piracy and terrorism.
China has the ability and the right to manage their territory in the South China Sea more than any other nation in this world. 

Zephon  Zephon o an hour ago
What I often see in the articles and comments is how American taxpayers should be spending money on nations that are corrupt and cannot take care of their own business - let alone making troubles for their more powerful neighbors.
And these warmongers are all the more willing to see American blood be spilt for a territory that we told the world was Chinese at the end of WWII.

deadindenver o an hour ago
Edward Linczer is currently an Research Associate at the American Enterprise Institute and has written for "The American Standard" Of course the NeoCon's are us establishments. What these guys can never do is explain is in the USA's national interest especially for those citizens of the USA that are toiling as electricians, car mechanics, computer programmers just trying to take care of there family. How Edward how?
Edward Linczer目前是美国企业研究所的副研究员,曾为“美国标准”撰文。当然新保守主义者已经是美国的当权派(注:新保守派是20世纪60年代末70年代初在美国崛起的一个政治团体。新保守主义的政治哲学主要有两条:其一,自由民主跟专制水火不容,民主国家应挺身反对暴政;其二,美国及其价值观至高无上,美国应担负起它的“世界使命”。)但这些人从来没有解释美国的国家利益对美国公民有什么好处,这些劳动的电工、汽车修理员、程序员只是想照顾他们的家庭。Edward,这究竟是什么原因呢?


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